Previous Group Members

PhD Students:

Thomas Britten (PhD 2015-2019; CASE Award with AstraZeneca)


Originally from Bournemouth, Tom graduated from Bangor University in 2015 with a first class honours Mchem degree. Throughout his undergraduate studies, he gained experience ina  range of synthetic research groups: medicinal chemistry (Prof. J. L. Reymond, Universität Bern, Erasmus internship), organic electronics (Prof. I. Perepichka, Bangor University, 3rd year project) and carbohydrate chemistry (Dr M. Lahmann, Bangor University, 4th year project and summer internship). Outside of chemistry, Tom enjoys music and football, and when the weather is good, walking in the hills/mountains.

During his time in the group, Tom worked on the photocyclisation of dihydropyridazines to give functionalised diazetidine products, with three papers published so far. He was awarded an SCI scholarship, a BMCS International Travel Prize and the runner-up industrial prize at the RSC’s Organic Poster Symposium in 2018. Upon leaving the group in 2019, he took up a postdoctoral research associate position in the McLaughlin Group at MMU, then in 2021 he joined Concept Life Sciences.

Summer/Visiting Students:


Stefan Chakarov (Lancaster University; EPSRC DTP funding)

Myles Osborn (Lancaster University; North West Cancer Research funding; co-supervised by Dr Sarah Allinson)


Edmée Aoustin (IUT Rouen)

Asma Chouria (IUT Rouen)


Megan Pritchard (Lancaster University; RSC Undergraduate Research Bursary)

Alexandre Touron (IUT Rouen)

Etienne Ayinda-Ayi (IUT Rouen)


Lucile Fradin (Université Clermont Auvergne; Erasmus+)


Eleanor Bowen (Lancaster University; Departmental Summer Bursary)

Heidi Jones (Lancaster University; Departmental Summer Bursary)


Aurélie Rago (ENSCCF, Clermont-Ferrand, France; Erasmus+)

Mamuna Hussain (Lancaster University; Group Funds)


James Nicholson (Lancaster University; RSC Undergraduate Research Bursary)

Project Students:

Evelina Semenova (BSc 2020-2021)

Heather Gaster (BSc 2020-2021; best CHEM381 project award)

Nahin Kazi (MSci 2020-2021)

Maddie Jewitt (MSci 2020-2021; best CHEM400 project award)

Sophie McBurnie (BSc 2019-2020)

Danny Treacher (MChem 2019-2020)

Anna Cagnoni (MSci 2019-2020)

Patrick Grimes (MSci 2019-2020)

Katie Wood (BSc 2018-2019)

Tim Kirkman (MSci 2018-2019)

Eleanor Bowen (BSc 2017-2018; best CHEM381 project award)

Harriet Lewis (MChem 2017-2018)

Daniel Coggan (MChem 2016-2017)

Daniel Kitson (MChem 2016-2017)


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