Office Hours

I will be very happy to see you if you have any questions about any of my courses. I don’t have specific office hours, so if you would like to see me please email me to make an appointment, so that I can make sure that I’m in my office when you arrive. Alternatively, we can meet online on Teams – again please just email me for an appointment.


Lancaster University Courses 2022-2023

Michaelmas Term

  • CHEM102: Organic Structure (lectures/workshops/practicals; module convenor)
  • CHEM301: Advanced Synthetic Chemistry (lectures/workshops)
  • CHEM371: Advanced Chemistry Practical (practicals)
  • CHEM492: Organic Photochemistry (lectures/workshops; module convenor)
  • CHEM998: Part II Chemistry Tutorials (CHEM201)
  • CHEM999: Part I Chemistry Tutorials (CHEM100 series)

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