June 2022: Coote Group moving to the University of Bath

In January 2023, we will be moving to the University of Bath. Many thanks to all at Lancaster for a great 8 years, has been wonderful to work with so many great colleagues! Now looking forward to new opportunities and challenges down south 🙂

June 2022: RSC Inspirational Member Award for Susannah

Congratulations to Susannah, who has received a Royal Society of Chemistry Inspirational Member Award for “dedication to supporting the early career heterocyclic chemistry community through the development of a programme of online activities in response to the Covid-19 pandemic”

January 2022: New BSc students

Welcome to Flora Antoniou and Tom Archer, who have joined us for their BSc projects. Flora will be working on the synthesis of substituted pyridazines, and Tom will be working on diversity-oriented synthesis from a key enone intermediate.

October 2021: New MChem Student

Welcome to Matthew Pomford, who joins the Coote group for his CHEM400 project! He’ll be working with Weronika on extending the synthetic potential of the Paternò-Büchi reaction.

July 2021: Project Prizes!

Many congratulations to Maddie for winning the best CHEM400 project prize, and to Heather for winning the best CHEM381 project prize! A clean sweep for our group in the project prizes this year 🙂  

January 2021: New BSc Students

We welcome Heather Gaster and Evelina Semenova, who will join us “virtually” for their CHEM381 projects – really sad we can’t carry out your projects in person as originally intended, but we hope you enjoy the adapted tasks related to our group’s research anyway!

January 2021: New MChem Students

We welcome Nahin Kazi and Maddie Jewitt, who have joined the group for their CHEM400 projects, working on 1,2-diazetidines and cubanes respectively. These projects will run Jan-Mar this year – delighted we were able to accommodate our fourth-year project students in the teaching lab so that they can carry out their projects “as normal” during the pandemic.

September 2020: News & Views article in Nature Chemistry

Susannah was invited to write a “News & Views” on the excellent aza-Paternò-Büchi methodology developed by Corinna Schindler and colleagues at Michigan. Check it out here!

January 2020: Seminars at Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt

Susannah gave departmental seminars at Edinburgh and at Heriot-Watt on 22/23 January. Many thanks for the invitations and the warm welcome at both institutions!

January 2020: New BSc Project Student

We welcome Sophie McBurnie, who joins the group for her CHEM381 project, working on electrocyclic/cycloaddition reactions of dihydropyridazines.

November 2019: New Publication – Congratulations Tom!

Well done Tom on the publication of the main topic of his PhD thesis – the 4-pi-photocyclization of 1,2-dihydropyridazines to give versatile bicyclic 1,2-diazetidine building blocks – read all about it here. This was a super-challenging project so it’s fantastic to finally see it published!Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 12.45.13

October 2019: New Review on 4-Pi-Photocyclizations

Susannah published a review on 4-pi-photocyclization reactions, focussing on the synthetic potential of these intriguing reactions that are of particular interest to our group! You can check it our here.

October 2019: New MChem Project Students

We welcome Patrick Grimes, Anna Cagnoni and Danny Treacher, who have all joined the group to carry out their CHEM400 research projects, working on diazetidine synthesis, 4-pi-photocyclisations of dihydropyridines and cubane synthesis respectively.

September 2019: Welcome Jack and Weronika!

A very warm welcome to Jack Lowe and Weronika Michalska, who have just started as the second and third PhD students in the SCC group. Jack will be working on 4-pi-photocyclisations, funded by a departmental studentship, whilst Weronika  will work on new applications of the Paternò-Büchi reaction (Lilly/Lancaster University CASE award).

January 2019: New BSc Project Student

We welcome Katie Wood, who joins the group for her CHEM381 project, working on electrocyclic/cycloaddition reactions of dihydropyridazines.

December 2018: RSC Organic Division Poster Symposium

Congratulations to Tom, who won the runner-up prize at the prestigious RSC Organic Division Poster Symposium at Burlington House! The event was also a great opportunity for Tom and Susannah to catch up with loads of people we’ve not seen for a while 🙂

Tom Sus OD Poster Symposium

October 2018: New MChem Project Student

We welcome Tim Kirkman, who has joined the group to carry out his CHEM400 research project, working on expanding the scope of the Paternò-Büchi reaction.

Summer 2018: Coote Group on Tour!

Tom and Susannah will be attending several conferences over the summer, so watch out for us there! Tom will be covering Italy, the US and the UK, whilst Susannah will be covering France, Germany and the UK:


“A. Corbella” Summer School on Organic Synthesis (10-14 June, Italy; oral presentation)

ACS Fall Meeting (19-23 Aug, Boston, US; oral presentation)

7th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress (26-30 Aug, Liverpool, UK; oral presentation)

5th RSC Early Career Symposium (30-31 Aug, Liverpool, UK; oral presentation)

AstraZeneca CASE Conference (6-7 Sept, Macclesfield, UK ; oral presentation)


59ème Groupe d’Etudes en Chimie Organique (Cabourg, 26-31 Aug; short talk)

26th Lecture Conference on Photochemistry (Munich, 10-12 Sept; short talk)

Gregynog Synthesis Workshop (Newtown, 12-14 Sept; short talk)

June 2018: Prizes!

Well done to Tom, who won the “Best Presentation of Data” prize at the Lancaster Chemistry Departmental Conference, and to Susannah, who won the Thieme poster prize at the 17th French-American Chemical Society conference (both prizes awarded on the same day!)

April 2018: New Visiting Student

We welcome Lucile Fradin from the Université Clermont Auvergne for her Masters internship. She will be working on an ambitious new synthetic route to cubanes – good luck Lucile!

February 2018: Tom wins an RSC-BMCS International Travel Prize

Tom is one of the winners of this year’s BMCS International Travel Prizes – congrats! The money will support him to present at the ACS Fall Meeting in Boston 😀 Many thanks to the prize committee for this opportunity!

January 2018: RSC Heterocyclic & Synthesis Group January Meeting

Susannah gave an invited talk on our cubane work at the H&SG’s January meeting in London. Having served on the committee for four years, at the same meeting Susannah became the next Secretary-Treasurer of the group – congratulations!

November 2017: Dial-a-Molecule Exploring 3D Space Meeting

Susannah gave an invited talk at the Dial-a-Molecule Exploring 3D Space in York. It was lovely to be back in York’s Chemistry Department again. Thanks to Will for the excellent organisation and thanks to the audience for the interest in our work!

October 2017: New MChem/BSc Students

Harriet has joined the group for her MChem project, whilst Eleanor has re-joined the group for her BSc project, following her summer project in the group. Both Harriet and Eleanor are working on cubanes – welcome to both!

August 2017: New Summer Students

Eleanor and Heidi have joined the group for summer projects – welcome! Both are working on new and exciting synthetic routes to cubanes!

May 2017: Invited Lectures

Susannah gave invited lectures on the synthesis of cubanes at the RSC Organic Division North West Meeting and at Sanofi-Aventis (Chilly-Mazarin, France) in May. Many thanks for the enthusiasm for our work!

October 2016: New MChem students!

A warm welcome to “the Dans”, who are carrying out their final year research projects with us. Dan Coggan is working on new routes to cubane derivatives, and Dan Kitson is working on new approaches to azetidine building blocks.

June 2016: Congratulations to Tom!

Very well done to Tom, who has been awarded a 2016-2018 SCI scholarship to support his PhD studies. Only three of these scholarships are awarded per year across the scientific and engineering spectrum – what an achievement!

June 2016: New people!

Aurélie Rago (ENSCCF, France) joins the group to work on cubanes for her Masters internship, and Mamuna Hussain (Lancaster University) joins to work on oxetanes/cyclobutenes for a summer project. A warm welcome to both 🙂

April 2016: Susannah gets married!

On April 2nd Susannah married her long-term partner Tom at Lancaster Registration Office. We had a simple ceremony followed by a lovely steak dinner accompanied by 20 family members 🙂


March 2016: Continuous Flow Technology III

Susannah attended the SCI/RSC Continuous Flow Technology III conference in Cambridge, and presented a flash presentation as well as a poster – many thanks for the interest in my research! Learned a lot from the talks, and we’re now really looking forward to getting started properly with photochemistry in flow ourselves in the next few weeks!

March 2016: 3rd UK Retrosynthesis Competition

Susannah really enjoyed attending the 3rd UK Retrosynthesis Competition final at Burlington House on 11 March – the teams had come up with some great routes! Congratulations to the St Andrews team for their winning synthesis, to AstraZeneca in second place and to the Oxford SBM 2014 team in third place!

November 2015: Thieme Chemistry Journal Award for Susannah

Congratulations to Susannah on the receipt of a 2016 Thieme Chemistry Journal Award! These are presented to promising young academics in the field of synthetic organic chemistry, selected by the editorial board members of the Synthesis, Synlett and Synfacts journals.

September 2015: Welcome Tom!

A very warm welcome to Tom Britten, who has just started as the first PhD student in the SCC group. Tom will be working on novel photochemical methods for the synthesis of 4-membered heterocycles, funded by a CASE award (AstraZeneca/Lancaster University).

September 2015: Royal Society Research Grant Awarded!

The SCC group has been awarded £15k towards the purchase of a flow photoreactor under the Royal Society Research Grant scheme. We’re looking forward to scaling up our photochemistry and developing new methodology using the new system!

August 2015: GECO56

Susannah really enjoyed attending her first GECO conference in Nant (France) and presented a short talk detailing recent work carried out in the group. Merci beaucoup pour l’accueil chaleureux ainsi que l’atmosphère conviviale 🙂 Many thanks also to the RSC’s Organic Division for covering registration and travel expenses though the “Small Grants for Scientific Activities” scheme!

May 2015: Grasmere Heterocyclic Conference

Susannah and Vil have just got back from the RSC Heterocyclic and Synthesis Group’s Lakeland Heterocyclic Conference in Grasmere (7-11 May 2015). Great conference with excellent lectures and great weather for the walks! We really enjoyed catching up with old friends as well as meeting loads of new people 🙂

April 2015: Undergraduate Research Bursary Awarded!

James Nicholson (2nd year student at Lancaster) will join Susannah’s group this summer to work on novel synthetic routes to cubane derivatives for potential applications in medicinal chemistry – many thanks to the Royal Society of Chemistry for funding us!

March 2015: New paper published!

Susannah publishes a full paper describing in detail her postdoctoral work in Munich on enantioselective [2+2] photocycloadditions of isoquinolones. Pretty stressful at the end trying to finish everything, so many thanks to Karl for growing a crystal for XRD, Rafa for running a couple of UV-vis spectra and Fangrui for finding several lost NMR spectra!

February 2015: Flow Chemistry Europe in Berlin

Susannah travelled to Berlin to attend the Flow Chemistry Europe conference from 16th-18th Feb. Some really interesting talks (especially photochemistry in flow!) and great to be able to see the flow systems “in the flesh” in the exhibitor hall…

January 2015: Ph.D. studentship available *** Now filled ***

Susannah has a Ph.D. studentship available for Sept/Oct 2015 entry (UK/EU students), funded by Lancaster University/AstraZeneca. See “Opportunities” for more info, informal enquiries are very welcome!

October 2014: Back in the UK !

Susannah has now returned to the UK and taken up a lectureship in the Department of Chemistry at Lancaster University. Her office is C14 Faraday Building, feel free to drop in!

September 2014: 24th Lecture Conference on Photochemistry

Susannah attended the GDCh’s 24th Lecture Conference on Photochemistry in Köln at the end of September, along with 7 other members of the Bach group. Susannah gave a short talk describing her work during her postdoc in Munich and enjoyed seeing interesting photochemistry and meeting lots of new photochemists!

September 2014: Gregynog Synthesis Workshop

Susannah spoke at the annual Gregynog Synthesis Workshop and enjoyed catching up with many people as well as meeting many new organic chemists! Wonderful conference and many thanks to the organisers for the award of a Tom Lee bursary 🙂

June 2014: Susannah is moving to Lancaster University !

Susannah has just accepted a lectureship at the Department of Chemistry at Lancaster University in the UK 🙂 She will take up her new position in October 2014, which will involve developing her independent research programme and contributing to undergraduate/graduate teaching in the department, alongside other assorted duties.

March 2014: Susannah attends ACS meeting in Dallas

Susannah has just got back from the ACS Spring Meeting in Dallas (US), where she gave an oral communication describing her work on the enantioselective [2+2] photocycloadditions of isoquinolones. Great conference, many excellent lectures and everyone very welcoming! We are very grateful to the RSC’s Organic Division for a “Scientific Activities Grant” to help cover travel expenses – many thanks!

February 2014: Susannah attends CECP in Bad Hofgastein

Susannah has just returned from the Central European Conference on Photochemistry (CECP) in Bad Hofgastein (Austria). She presented a short talk on the enantioselective [2+2] photocycloadditions of isoquinolones and very much appreciated the excellent lectures and the very friendly and relaxed atmosphere 🙂 Many thanks to the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft for contributions to travel and accommodation costs – much appreciated!

November 2013: Havva joins as new project student

Havva starts her research project, working with Susannah on the enantioselective [2+2] photocycloadditions of isoquinolones – a very warm welcome!

October 2013: New paper published in JACS!

Susannah and Thorsten publish a JACS communication describing enantioselective [2+2] photocycloadditions of isoquinolone 🙂

September 2013: Susannah tours France!

Susannah attended the Journées de Chimie Organique conference held at the Ecole Polytechnique in Palaiseau and gave an oral communication on enantioselective photochemistry (for which she was awarded one of the “Best Oral Communication” prizes). Great conference with some excellent talks, and lovely to be back in Paris for a few days! Susannah then visited the Université de Haute Alsace in Mulhouse, where she gave a research lecture – many thanks for the invitation!

June 2013: Susannah attends Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting

The Nobel Laureate Meetings bring together around 600 aspiring young researchers with around 35 Nobel Prize winners for an exclusive week of lectures, discussions and fun on the beautiful Lindau island! Susannah was selected to attend the event and is extremely grateful for sponsorship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation – many thanks!

May 2013: Susannah attends the Symposium Francophone de Synthèse Totale in Grenoble

Susannah presented a poster detailing the enantioselective [2+2] photocycloadditions of isoquinolones and potential uses for the methodology in total synthesis. The conference was held in the very same lecture theatre in which Susannah attended her lectures during her Erasmus year in Grenoble – brought back lots of great memories and it was great to catch up with old friends and colleagues as well as meet new people!

May 2013: Susannah attends the Heterocyclic and Synthesis Group’s Lakeland meeting in Grasmere

Susannah presented a poster focusing on enantioselective [2+2] photocycloadditions of isoquinolones, and very much enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere, good company and excellent walks! Didn’t enjoy the rain so much. But you can’t have everything right 😉


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