Current Group

Graduate Students:

Nahin Kazi (PhD 2022-2025; FST EPSRC-DTP Cross-Disciplinary Studentship)

I started my PhD with the Coote group in January 2022, working in collaboration with the Allinson group (Biomedical & Life Sciences, Lancaster University). My research focuses on the synthesis of cubanes and their applications in medicinal chemistry as anti-cancer drugs. Previously, I studied Natural Sciences at Lancaster University and graduated in July 2021 after completing two research projects investigating: hydrogels and their applications as microneedles (Dr John Hardy, third-year project) and new synthetic routes to 1,2-diazetidines (Dr Susannah Coote, MSci project). When I’m not in the lab, I like to read.

Edward Rodrigues (MRes 2022; Centre for Global Eco-Innovation Studentship)

I completed my chemistry degree at Queen Mary, including an undergraduate project in the spectroscopic analysis of solvent annealed organic semiconductors. I am looking forward to deepening my knowledge in organic semiconductor synthesis and applications with my MRes project, which is in collaboration with Drs Rachel Platel and Verena Gortz (both Lancaster University) and Chromition. In my spare time, I enjoy playing football and everything video gaming.

Weronika Michalska (PhD 2019-2023; CASE Award with Lilly).

I started a PhD in the Coote group in October 2019. My project involves the synthesis of oxetanes via Paternò-Büchi reaction. Before starting a PhD I did a series of different organic projects: investigating boron radical reactions (Bern University, Prof. Philippe Renaud, Erasmus project); selective oxidation of sulfides in flow chemistry (Cardiff University, Prof. Thomas Wirth, summer internship), synthesis of hypervalent iodine reagents (Cardiff University, Prof. Thomas Wirth, MChem project) and iron-catalysed heterocyclisation (Lancaster University, Prof. Joe Sweeney, MRes project). When I am not in the lab I enjoy gardening and Lego.

Jack Lowe (PhD 2019-2023; Departmental Studentship)


I joined the Coote group at Lancaster University in October 2019, with interests in synthetic photochemistry as a means of creating highly functionalizable four-membered rings for use in drug discovery. I graduated with a first class MChem degree from the University of East Anglia in 2019, undertaking my 4thyear project under the supervision of Dr Chris Richards exploring the use of chiral palladium catalysts in asymmetric synthesis. Aside from chemistry, I enjoy playing the piano.

Marine Aublette (PhD 2018-2022; North West Cancer Research funding)

I started my PhD in 2018 in the Gadd group to work on the design and synthesis of PROTAC molecules to improve the selectivity of a kinase inhibitor, and I recently joined the Coote group to work on the synthesis and functionalisation of cubanes. I graduated in 2018 from CPE Lyon and University Lyon I after completing two research assistant placements on early drug discovery projects (Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, with Dr Cristian Draghici and Dr Steven Ferrara). When I am not busy in the lab I enjoy running.



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