As a student (undergraduate, Masters or Ph.D.) or a postdoc in the SCC group, you will develop your technical and analytical skills through working on a specific research project in line with the group’s research interests, as well as gaining an advanced general education in organic chemistry and organic photochemistry through group meetings/seminars and personal reading, with support from Susannah and the rest of the SCC group. You will also have numerous opportunities to develop transferable skills (e.g. communication, presentation, scientific writing, team-working) through attending workshops, presenting your work, writing reports/publications and through your lab responsibilities. You are encouraged to work hard, to have outside interests and to enjoy your time in the group!

I also encourage you to take on other activities (that may or may not be directly related to your research) that will give you excellent opportunities for personal development. These might include (but are not limited to):

  • Outreach activities
  • Demonstrating in undergraduate labs
  • Foreign language courses/first aid training/other courses
  • Writing reviews or book chapters (with SCC)
  • A short period spent in another laboratory to gain complementary experience (many competitive fellowship schemes are available for funding such visits)

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