Research students and postdocs will have formal one-to-one meetings with Susannah once a month to chart progress, set goals and discuss any problems that might arise. Since I’m often in the lab, we will generally also meet informally daily. All group members compile monthly progress reports, which summarise the results achieved, act as a starting point for the formal meetings with Susannah and allow all group members to keep up-to-date with each other’s work. In addition, Ph.D. students are required to attend a PhD Confirmation Panel after 10 months study (including the writing of a report and an oral examination with two other academics in the department). This process helps to make sure that each student in on track to completion, and helps to identify any potential problems so that they can be addressed as early as possible.

I recognise that different people have different aims and require various types of support, and I am committed to making such tailored support available to my group members. If you have particular goals in mind, please let me know about them so that we can discuss how I can best help you to achieve them.

It is my intention to create a supportive atmosphere in which group members expect to take responsibility for their own projects and to help each other out wherever possible. I hope that former group members will want to stay in touch, so that we can build a network of support to help younger group members advance in their careers and to achieve their personal ambitions.


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