Group meetings

The group runs a variety of different group meetings designed to develop different aspects of your education. In all cases, I encourage you to take part fully to gain the most from these sessions. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you don’t understand something, and please contribute to discussions and try to help others who are struggling. Suggestions for new things to try are always welcome!

Progress meetings are a chance for you to present your results to the group and to gain advice/suggestions for future directions. Each person will present three times a year.

Problem sessions involve working through a set of problems within a theme. Sometimes these will be “seen” problem sets (you have time to prepare before the meeting), sometimes these will be “unseen” (good practice for job interviews, for example). Problems are prepared by SCC and senior members of the group – postdocs and Ph.D. students (from their 2nd year) will be expected to contribute to running problem sessions.

Lab-based group meetings are designed to advance your technical knowledge and experience outside those methods that you use routinely in your research, covering both theory and “hands-on” training.

Seminars focus on a wide variety of different topics (e.g. peer-reviewing, literature reviews, laboratory safety, ethics in science, job applications) and are meant to stimulate discussion as well as aid your general education.


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